Job Market Candidate in Supply Chain, Operations and Technology 

Washington University in St. Louis - Olin Business School

My research focuses on: 


Managing Operations of a Hog Farm Facing Volatile Markets:  Inventory and Selling Strategies

with Panos Kouvelis, Yunzhe Qiu and Danko Turcic

Manufacturing & Service Operations Management (2023)

presented at

working Papers

An Empirically Grounding Analytics (EGA) Approach to Hog Farm Finishing Stage Management: 

Deep Reinforcement Learning as Decision Support and Managerial Learning Tool

with Panos Kouvelis and Danko Turcic (submitted to Journal of Operations Management)

presented at

Deep Hedging Strategies for a Risk-Averse Hog Farm

with Panos Kouvelis and Danko Turcic, work in progress