Instructor  (WashU Olin)

Course Instructor
DAT 500N - Prescriptive Analytics (Master) (FL22)

Student comments

Guest Lecturer
SCOT 530 - Supply Chain Analytics Capstone (Master) (FL22)

Teaching Assistant  (WashU Olin)

SCOT 653 - Stochastic Models of Production & Service Systems (SP22)
SCOT 654 - Inventory and Supply Chain Management Theory & Research (SP21, SP23)

SCOT 500D - Project Management (FL19, FL20, SP21, SP22)
SCOT 500E -  Supply Chain Risk Management (SP21, SP22, SP23)
SCOT 531 -  Supply Chain Finance (SP22, SP23)
SCOT 554 - Operations Analytics (SP22)
SCOT 5704 - Operations Management (FL19, SP20, FL20, FL21, SU21, SP22)
SCOT 754 - Global Supply Chain Management (SU22, SU23)
SCOT 756 - Managing Operations (SU22, SU23)

OSCM 458 - Operations Analytics (SP22)

I have been a Ph.D. lead consultant at the Boeing Center for Supply Chain Innovation since 2019, guiding master students at WashU Olin on practicum projects:

Anheuser-Busch - Process Improvement & Inventory Optimization (FL22)
Belden - Supply Chain Strategy - Enhanced Solutions Delivery (SP23)
Bunge - Creating a Capital Project Investment Case Using Carbon Costs as a Key Drive (FL21)
Express Scripts - Demand Forecast Modeling (SP20)
Express Scripts - Risk ROI (FL19)
Maschhoffs - Open Market Strategy (SP19)